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Yet more Airport Hospitality Projects announced, on the back of a suite recent projects across Australia.

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Record turnaround redevelopment and fitout, higher-value finish delivery, increased venue turnover.
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Don’t take our word for, listen to our valued clients. Client satisfaction and greater collaborative opportunity is always a key metric for our team.

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Heading and Blurb TBA, listen to our valued clients. Client satisfaction and greater collaborative opportunity is always a key metric for our team.

Developing News

“10 Australian
Project Management Companies to Watch”
The Australian Business Journal Aug 18 2021 “Founded by Kieron Hewitt, Initial Capital Projects is an ensemble of development and project managers who provide valuable services. They invest in commercial and industrial projects that create 360-degree experiences and vibrant properties where businesses and employees can thrive.
Their services are wide and varied, including client representation, project brief preparation, project planning and programming, consultant team procurement, tenancy programming and leasing strategies, design and documentation management, risk management, cost control and value management, and so much more. Initial Capital Projects offer some of the best development management services on the market. They manage their client’s property matters so well that their influence is clearly represented in their balance sheet. They work as an external property team and they leverage their skills, network, and influence in the market to drive quality outcomes for a market price. They work hard to ensure significant financial, quality, and safety outcomes for their clients. Initial Capital Projects are not your average project management team; they offer their support from the conception of an idea all the way to the moment where they hand you the keys. They are heavily involved with their clients and they are experts at finding financial and time efficiencies in both design and construction.”
“Construction &
Project Management Experts Plan”
AU Yahoo Finance 8 January 2022 “For this most recent project, the company teamed up with their client Delaware North, a world-leading airport food service and retail company, operating in more than 30 airports and travel centres in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. The two companies collaborated in the redesign and refurbishment of Adelaide Airports ‘Coopers Alehouse’ a provider of Australia’s original craft beer.”

The announcement of InitialCap and Delaware North’s partnership showcases an example of InitialCap’s commitment to collaborations that deliver 360-degree experiences.

Coopers Alehouse pub and restaurant has been a flagship venue at Adelaide Airport for over 16 years under the leadership of Delaware North. The establishment was created to bring the refreshment of one of downtown Adelaide’s iconic products to airport customers at a central concourse location. The post-refurbishment pub retains its distinctive original features, including a bar in front of large mirrors with gold-leaf artwork and renovated wooden benches. Customers can enjoy the classic pub setting of live televised sports, all-day breakfast, and traditional pub dishes.

InitialCap has worked closely with Delaware North to provide an effective project planning and programming strategy. Their strategic services cover project brief preparation, design and documentation management, contract preparation and administration, and closeout reporting.

In addition to project management services, InitialCap offers a wide range of development management services. These services include site appraisal, strategic planning, finance procurement, and sales and marketing coordination. The company also offer personalized meetings to discuss strategies to reduce operational overheads in the commercial office landscape.

The latest expansion of InitialCap’s services is in line with the company’s commitment to creating properties that allow businesses and employees to survive and thrive.

More details of InitialCap and Delaware North’s collaboration can be found at Delaware North Media

“InitialCap have played an important role in the project management and delivery of our 5 hospitality outlets as part of the Adelaide Airport Terminal upgrade. They have assisted Delaware North to realise significant cost savings across the overall project through design rationalisation and negotiations with the Head Contractor without compromising on quality. Delaware North look forward to continuing the positive working relationship across our other assets with Initial Capital Projects”. – Lucky Logothetis, General Manager – Food & Beverage, Delaware North – Adelaide International Airport

Developing Healthy
Workplace Culture

Are you okay?
Work-life in
Melbourne 2020

by Bella Brown 2020

Following the lengthy, ongoing lockdown restrictions Melbournians are currently experience, we reached out to our colleagues & consultants to see what they have been doing to look after their own mental health during these tough and difficult times.

These are four of our top tips that have helped our connections through lockdown 1.0 and 2.0


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Kieron Hewitt
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Warehouse(for deliveries)
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